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Praise for
Lady Magdalene's

"I saw this film at DragonCon last year, and it is a wonderful mix of comedy, mystery, singing and dancing."
--Graham H. Green,
Director, The Man Who Spoke to Himself, The Torturer,
September 19, 2008, Slice of SciFi

"Thanks for inviting me to tonight's premiere.... I really enjoyed the movie. Congratulations on getting it made. Lady Magdalene's is a combination of humor, wit, political observation and sexiness. Nichelle Nichols provides an excellent center for all of the hijinks that swirl around her. Her performance reminded me a lot of Ruby Dee, actually - charm, wisdom, love, experience - all held together by grit, determination and professionalism. It was a nice role for her, and she did a lot with it. Ethan Keogh I thought was really solid. Deadpan - believable - strong - natural. Where'd you find him? Susan Smythe was also quite good - had a kind of Carrie Fisher/Candy Clark quality. She also looked natural handling a gun (which most actresses do not). Where did you find Claudia Lynx? Absolutely smoking hot. Plus she was good. I really bought her fear of Yassin. I enjoyed the way the whole thing came together at the end...quite funny. I hope you get good distribution for it. Congratulations again."
--Charles Robert Carner,
Writer/Director, Witless Protection, The Fixer, Louis L'Amour's Crossfire Trail

"You gave me a DVD of your film at the Backlot Film Festival. I wanted to let you know how I enjoyed it! Great job, and I hope you have continued festival success!"
--James Kerwin,
Writer/Director, Yesterday Was A Lie, Midsummer

"Lady Magdalene's is a solid story and very entertaining."
--Phil Bransom,
Writer/Director, Train Master

"There were many funny moments of the film that made it enjoyable, coupled with the enthusiasm and passion brought to the project which is evident in almost every frame. The film is an impressive achievement."
--Lauren Freeman,
Coordinator, Acquisitions, Lionsgate

"Unique and well done."
--David Laub,
Acquisitions Manager, THINKFilm

"A very creative action-comedy."
--Merideth Finn,
VP Production & Acquisition, New Line Cinema

"Funny and very entertaining! Nichelle Nichols is an international treasure. The story flowed and was logical for me to follow, yet I couldn't predict the end. I think it will have a good run at the box office. Lady Magdalene's reminded me of the Monty Python series blended with current-day American politics. I really liked the Star Trek references buried in the film. All of the Star Trek fans will come out to support Ms. Nichols. Technically, I found the transitions and clips smooth and easy on my eyes. The sound design and musical selections were appropriate. In summary, I can't wait to take my wife to see it."
--Donald L. McCoy, Program Manager, STEM Multicultural Project
Commenting on the San Diego Black Film Festival screening