Alongside Night Must Be Made!
(And Now It Has Been!)

New: J. Neil Schulman at Libertopia 2012:
Alongside Night: Book to Movie

J. Neil Schulman at Libertopia 2010:
Reloading the American Revolution

J. Neil Schulman at Libertopia 2011:
Brother, Can You Spare A Million Bucks?

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Report on Libertopia 2010:
Linking the Arts with the Quest for Freedom

"A persistent theme throughout the conference was the need to link more familiar varieties of intellectual and political activism with artistic and creative work calculated to share the message of freedom effectively. Multiple presentors discussed strategies for using the arts to open people’s minds to the possibility of freedom. And the importance of art to the freedom movement, along with the capacity to imagine exciting alternative futures, was highlighted by the fact that Libertopia occurred at the same time and in the same location as the Hollywood Xpo, which featured multiple entertainment-industry-related exhibits but was marked by particular attention to science fiction—especially to the Star Trek universe. Libertopia organizer Sky Conway was the producer of Star Trek: Of Gods and Men, a professional quality fan film featuring cast members from several Star Trek series, which screened on the first night of the convention. Novelist J. Neil Schulman, active in both events, observed: 'Sky Douglas Conway simultaneously put on two parallel conferences: Libertopia and Hollywood Xpo. Libertopia was about the passion for liberty. Hollywood Xpo was about the passion for popular culture. When these two passions come together we will have our victory.'”

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