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by J. Neil Schulman

On February 18, 1997 I had an experience I've previously described as a "Vulcan Mind Meld with God." It was not the first time I'd been in touch with the Eternal.

Forget Oh, God!, Bruce Almighty, and Joan of Arcadia. As delightful as they are, those stories are fiction. These events really happened to me. And for the first time, I'm telling my story in full. Of course you're free to make up your mind whether you think I'm telling the truth or not, and whether you believe I'm in my right mind or not.

I MET GOD, an Audiobook by J. Neil Schulman

In over seventeen hours of interviews, largely conducted by Brad Linaweaver and Jack Landman, I am finally revealing the depth of life-changing, challenging, confronting, weird, funny, frightening, paranormal, Kabbalistic, spiritual, inspirational, ecstatic, and otherwise extraordinary events that have led me from being an utterly skeptical atheist to a believer in God, although a believer who still regards himself as not being a member of any religion.

These interviews, and some additional materials,are now available as an audio book, and will later be transcribed for my tenth in-print book, both titled I MET GOD.

If you have any questions you can email me.

J. Neil Schulman
September 1, 2005

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I MET GOD Audiobook Excerpt 1:
Preface by Brad Linaweaver

I MET GOD Audiobook Excerpt 2:

I MET GOD Audiobook Excerpt 3:
First Contact

I MET GOD Audiobook Excerpt 4:

I MET GOD Audiobook Excerpt 5:
God's Hand on My Heart

I MET GOD Audiobook Excerpt 6:
A Heavenly Inquiry

I MET GOD Audiobook Excerpt 7:
Fusion with God

I MET GOD Audiobook Excerpt 8:
I'm Me Again

I MET GOD Audiobook Excerpt 9:
Forever, Amen

I MET GOD Audiobook Excerpt 10:
My Third Visit to Heaven

Bonus Excerpt!
Occult author William H. Kennedy interviews J. Neil Schulman for Sphynx Radio
about Neil's I MET GOD experiences. (40 minutes)

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J. Neil Schulman is the author of nine books currently in print, including his latest novel Escape from Heaven, as well as being a screenwriter who wrote for The Twilight Zone. His personal website is at

In Two Excerpts from Escape from Heaven Neil explains how God decided to "trade his omnipotence, his omniscience, and his omnipresence for the possibility of finding love," and why only Adam could redeem his own original sin in "The History of Creation" and "The Gospel According to Jesus."

Read J. Neil Schulman's short story, "Day of Atonement," in which the ancient Hebrews take over modern Israel ... and kick out the Jews!

On December 22, 2000, Neil came out of the closet and publicly admitted his conversations with God in Who Is God and What Was He Thinking, Anyway?

Soon to be a
Major Motion Picture!

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